Coconut Grove Arts Festival 60th

Thank you! See you next year | Feb 15-17, 2025

2024 Experience

Dive into a world where creativity knows no bounds, and artistic expression takes center stage. Your Experience is the gateway to the heart of the Coconut Grove Arts Festival. Here’s a glimpse into the immersive journey that awaits.

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The heart and soul of the festival! Visit our juried artists and browse through hundreds of pieces you'll want to make part of your home.
2024 artists
A six-container pyramid stack serving as a giant canvas where South Florida’s top muralists will be live painting throughout the festival.

New to 2024

Arts & Drafts presented by La Rubia

Immerse yourself in the dynamic atmosphere of creativity at our Arts & Drafts Beer Garden inside Peacock Park during the Coconut Grove Arts Festival, where craft brews meet live artistry, offering a unique blend of libations and artistic inspiration with talented craft artists creating live works of art, providing an open forum for workshops, and celebrating the perfect pairing of arts and drafts throughout the three-day festival.

Flavors of the Grove at coconut grove art festival

Savor the culinary delights of top-tier restaurants at Flavors of The Grove during the Coconut Grove Arts Festival, where each presents a single signature dish, inviting you to vote for the standout culinary masterpiece that captures taste, creativity, presentation, and overall appeal.

Anniversary Lounge logo at coconut grove art festival

A panoramic view of past iterations of the Coconut Grove Arts Festival, appreciating the creative journey that brought us to this milestone.

360 Exhibition at coconut grove art festival

Immerse yourself in a mesmerizing 360-degree dome experience, where state-of-the-art projectors transport you to a world of captivating visuals that surround and envelop your senses.