Coconut Grove Arts Festival 60th

Thank you! See you next year | Feb 15-17, 2025

360 Exhibition at coconut grove art festival

Crafted originally for the Pepsi Art Dome at the Voodoo Music + Arts Experience (VoodooFest) in 2015, our 360 Exhibition Dome showcases a collaborative masterpiece by artists and animators from Likuid Art and 360 art.
This immersive creation, accompanied by an original score and sound design, highlights the incredible talents of artists like Android Jones, Greg “Craola” Simkins, Karen Bystedt, Devin Liston, Gosha Levochkin (also known as devNgosha), and LikuidArt’s very own Chris Saunders.

The exhibit features works sourced from Likuid Art’s dynamic online
subscription-based art repository. Through the magic of 3D modeling, animation, and compositing, these artists’ pieces have been reimagined for the 360° fulldome format. This transformative process not only brings static images to life but places our audience right in the heart of the art itself. Immerse yourself in this breathtaking fusion of technology and creativity, where the boundaries between art and audience blur, and every angle tells a mesmerizing story.