Next Generation Program

The Coconut Grove Arts Festival has revamped its former Emerging Artist program to be a more robust mentoring program to help create the Next Generation of Art Show Artists. Our goal is to give this next generation of Artists the foundation they need to begin t eir art show careers after completing the second year.

This will be a two-year program.

The first year is Education and Internship

- Participate in free workshops including financial planning, portfolio reviews, art show booth displays, and pricing work.

- Intern during the festival. This is to learn the business firsthand. The intern will help with all artists' aspects of the festival and spend time with professional mentors.

In the second year, this next generation of artists will have the oppurtunity to show their work: Highlights of this year include:

- Tent in our Emerging Artist section.

- Personal financial planning.

- Personal application consultation.


- Age 19 - 30

- Resides in Miami-Dade County (or nearby). This is critical due to the series of workshops that the Emerging Artist must attend.

- Is truly a novice and has never done an art show.

If you meet these criteria and would like to apply please email Camille@CGAF.com for further instructions.