Coconut Grove Arts Festival 60th

Thank you! See you next year | Feb 15-17, 2025



Most frequent questions and answers

Yes!  Please click this link to our partner page for more details.

Insurance is Mandatory – Artist must provide proof of insurance prior to the event. Upon acceptance Exhibitors must provide CGAF with an appropriate Certificate of Insurance, naming Coconut Grove Arts & Historical Association as an additional insured pursuant to a general liability insurance policy with a minimum coverage of $1,000,000. Please email the certificate to

If you do not have insurance you may purchase a weekend policy through this link: Act Insurance Link

We are recommending that you contact The Tent Guys for your rental needs.  You can now rent directly from them.

RV Parking is still available and will include:

  • 24-hour Security
  • Restroom Trailer with attendant and service
  • Light towers 
  • Charging station for personal devices

If you have already purchased parking and need to upgrade to RV Parking please email to arrange this.

Friday, February 16 after 12:00 noon.  Schedule will be available in February.

Applications for 2024 are currently CLOSED

General Application Fee: $40. The application fee for 2023 Coconut Grove Arts Festival Award Winners is waived. Please contact via email to receive the code.

Midnight Friday, September 15, 2023.

September 18 through September 22, 2023

Wednesday, October 18, 2023 at noon EDT (subject to change with advance notification). Artists notified via e-mail of jurying results.

The deadline to pay booth fee and accept the invitation to participate is Wednesday, November 18, 2023.

Last day to cancel and receive a full refund of the booth fee is Thursday, November 30, 2023 (less $80 processing fee). Last day to cancel with a 50% refund of booth fee is Friday, December 31, 2023. After this date, no refunds will be processed.

It is critical that each accepted artist and waitlist artist maintains an accurate and up-to-date artist profile in ZAPP through February 2024, especially telephone, email, website, and postal mail. In addition, it is important to check your email often as all acceptances and pertinent Festival information will be communicated electronically.

Each exhibiting artist must complete an online application with only one artist per entry unless you are entering as collaborating artists. A separate online application must be completed for each medium in which you would like to apply. Each application requires a jury fee and its own set of images. If an artist wishes to apply in more than one category a separate application form, jury fee, and set of images must be submitted for each category. Artists may apply in up to 3 categories, but only two entries can be accepted into the show. Artists may not apply twice in the same category.
Collaborating artists is defined as a group of two (2) artists that work together on any one piece of art. If two artists collaborate, it is regarded as one joint entry. If accepted, only finished work that is the result of the collaborative process may be displayed and sold. Both artists are required to sign in and present photo identification prior to setting up. Both artists must be present during the Festival hours in the booth during the entire three-day festival. Assistants, employees, office, or other support staff are NOT considered to be collaborators. If an artist has a helper who assists the artists with frames, setup, selling, paperwork, etc., but is not producing the work, this person is not a collaborator, but may certainly assist at the Festival.
Five (5) images are to be submitted for each individual media category entered by the artist. Four (4) images of individual work and a booth shot which is mandatory. The purpose of the booth shot is to ensure that the artist has a complete body of professional work. It also helps to identify the scale of the work. If a booth shot is not available, an image of a grouping of the artist’s work will be acceptable. NOTE: This is a blind jury process; please avoid submitting booth images with any identifiable sign, or photo of the artist themselves.
The Coconut Grove Arts Festival selects 285 artists to participate through a blind jurying process. A jury panel of five independent judges consisting of the finest museum curators, gallery owners, professional artists, and art educators will gather on two separate days; Two-dimensional artwork is juried on the first day and three-dimensional artwork on the second. The jury process will take place in person in Coconut Grove and is open to the public. Decisions of the jury are based solely on the quality of the artwork. If the jury requests, Artist statements are read. All Jury scores are final. Recent history shows that approximately 1/3 of our artists each year are exhibiting for the first time.
A waitlist will be developed based on jury scores. Artists will be selected to be on the waitlist in each of the 13 categories. Artists on the waitlist are notified via Zapplication and email of their acceptance. Waitlisted artists will be contacted should there be a cancellation in their medium. We cannot predict when or if this will happen. There is no need to contact us.

Claywork, Digital Arts, Drawing & Pastels, Emerging Artist, Fiber, Glass, Jewelry, Metal, Mixed Media – 2-Dimensional, Mixed Media – 3-Dimensional, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture, Watercolor & Wood.

Standard Booth (10’X11′): $850 (Includes 7% FL Sales Tax)

● Double Booth (10’x22′): $1,700 (Includes 7% FL Sales Tax)

● Corner Booth Upgrade (10’x11′): $350 (Includes 7% FL Sales Tax)

● Corner Booth Mid-row Upgrade: $250 (Includes 7% FL Sales Tax)

● Sculpture Garden (10’x22) $1600, (Includes 7% FL Sales Tax – Note: The sculpture garden does not allow for a tent, so work must be able to withstand all natural conditions.)

● Jury fees are submitted via Zapp and are non-refundable

● Booth fees are payable upon your invitation to participate in the festival.  Please do not send booth fees until notification of your selection. Booth fees are payable through

The Coconut Grove Arts Festival wants to ensure that your participation is a positive experience. During the Festival, the following amenities are offered to all artists:

● Artist Hospitality Area, centrally located

● Artists’ Only restroom trailer

● Breakfast/lunch provided, as well as coffee in the morning and cold water throughout the day

● Artist Gallery and contact information on the CGAF website through the event

● Individualized Discount Code to send to your collectors for the opportunity to purchase Festival tickets ahead of time and for a discounted rate

● 24-hour security

● Booth sitting staffed by volunteers on call.

● Extensive media promotions throughout South Florida leading up to and during the Festival.

Artists MUST be present all three days of the Festival. No commercial dealers or agents are permitted to represent the artist. The Festival reserves the right to close down or remove any booth if the artist is not in attendance.

● If accepted, an artist may not exhibit in other Festivals during The Coconut Grove Arts Festival.

● All artists are required to check-in at the Artist Check-In any time after 12 pm Friday the 16th. Photo ID is required.

● Artists may NOT set up their booth before 12:00 pm on Friday, February 16, 2024.

● All work must be the artist’s original work, no representations, and all artwork must be available for sale

● Artists may exhibit artwork only in the category in which accepted.

● No artwork from molds, kits or other commercial methods is allowed. Ready-made objects (i.e., clothing furniture) which have been embellished, painted, decorated, dyed, or batiked will not be accepted.

● No offset reproductions of paintings, drawings, prints, photographs, or any other media may be exhibited or sold (including hand-colored offset reproductions).

● All two-dimensional work must be framed, matted, or stretched.

● All photography must be printed by the artist or under the artist’s supervision in limited editions no greater than 250 including all sizes, properly signed and numbered on archival materials.

● Photographers and Digital Artists may only sell signed and numbered works of limited editions of 250 or less.

● No posters, postcards, t-shirts, or personal merchandise can be sold at the Festival.

● Artists who break down displays or depart before closing time on any day of the Festival will not be allowed to return the following day and may not be invited to future festivals unless proof of an emergency is presented.

● Artists who sell their entire body of work must remain with their booths for the duration of the show.

● Artists are responsible for collecting and paying the State of Florida seven percent sales tax. No commission on sales will be paid to the Coconut Grove Arts Festival.

● All fees, application and booth fees, must be paid in full two (2) weeks prior to the registration date.

● Any breach of the rules forfeits all rights of the artist and will result in immediate removal from the show without a refund.