Alexis Barbeau

Alexis Barbeau
Artist: Alexis Barbeau
Business: Alexis Barbeau Designs
From: Boca Raton, FL
Medium: Jewelry & Metalwork
Booth: 587
I am a jewelry designer and a scuba diver for more than 38 years; blissfully jumping into the ocean’s magical serenity and gathering images of inspiration for my unique wearable designs. Being underwater on a tropical reef with jewel-colored fish and captivating tubular shapes of coral and sponge is to enter into a silent world of magnificence. In addition to sharing that beauty, I aim to focus attention on the preservation of our oceans especially after the devastating effects of recent climate change. A portion of my sales is donated to the Ocean Conservancy, Coral Restoration Foundation, and Reef International to help sustain their study of scientific education and conservation.
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