Ana Hefco

Ana Hefco
Artist: Ana Hefco
Business: DBA Ana Hefco Art
From: Miami, FL
Medium: 2D Mixed Media
Booth: 305
I am a self-taught dreamer and artist. To dream is my path and to paint is my dream. Painting fulfills me. The ritual of preparing my materials, the working table, the music, everything about it makes me happy. Opening the pigment jars, feeling the specific scent of the resin (the medium I paint with), observing the mediums interacting and changing under fire, the peaceful restlessness I feel during the process, the perpetual element of surprise, everything is pure joy for me. Lack of control is not my strong suit, but in the painting process, things are different. The resin (also known as liquid glass) has a mind of its own and I learn to mindfully let go every time I paint. I allow those liquid color induced emotions I feel to drive me and take the lead of my hands and at the end of the process, its just music and bliss. Resin flowing on the painting surface is like a butterfly unfolding its wings for the very first time, overwhelming beauty and color reveal uniquely surprising patterns ready to fill the yearning eyes and souls. I get to create my own pupusa.
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