Andy Costine

Andy Costine
Artist: Andy Costine
Business: ARC Woodworking
From: Tryon, NC
Medium: Wood
Booth: 509-510
The process I use in my mirrors and tables is a combination of organic and geometric. I believe this elevates the natural edge material. I spend a lot of time finding the right pieces of wood to use. I look for highly figured slabs with intense grain and figure for the organic element in my work, as well as straight grained pieces with rich, strong color for the geometric contrasts. Sometimes a piece of wood sits in my shop for a while before the right project for it comes along. I believe the geometric details frame the burl the way a gem setting frames a stone, allowing the observer to focus on the natural beauty of the burl. This also elevates and refines the innate, organic nature of the wood. I strive to highlight the character and spirit that makes each piece of wood unique in my designs.
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