Craig Roderick

Craig Roderick
Artist: Craig Roderick
Business: Bella Fiore Images
From: Jasper, AL
Medium: Photography
Booth: 514
My photography career began shooting crime scenes and traffic crashes as a police detective. The objective was to as accurately as possible document the evidence. I quickly realized that there was an artistic side to photography waiting to be explored. I pushed the limits of my equipment and imagination shooting landscapes, urban scenes, abandoned buildings, and architecture. While I still do architectural work for clients, my main body of artistic work is flowers shot in studio against black backgrounds using light painting techniques. My progression over the past 45 years has led me to experiment with light in ways that were not available before digital equipment. My work is a composite of sculpture, engineering, lighting, and photography using computer technology to produce the final image which hopefully allows the viewer to see familiar things in ways they have never experienced before.
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