Eric Heitmann

Eric Heitmann
Artist: Eric Heitmann
From: Naples, FL
Medium: Sculpture
Booth: 561
I grew up in the Hudson Valley, NY and am fortunate enough to still call it home. This beautiful and historic area has given way to unending creativity. Currently, I live on Sylvan Lake, a small glacial lake that is crisp, clear, and peaceful. I am continually in awe of the beauty around me. Swaying water grasses and lily pads perk up with the morning sunrise along with the budding mountain flowers sparkling with dew. Each day the family of swans on the lake stops by to greet me. From my lakeside studio, I can occasionally catch a glimpse of a giant carp’s dorsal fin or a fish jumping out of the water. Often a bald eagle will perch on the tree beside my studio just to say hello. It is both serene and exciting. I come from 3 generations of artists. We have many family pieces in our home that serve as inspiration as well. It is actually in my grandfather’s house that I am able to create my work and I feel him guiding me every day. I have always been a creator. My ideas are endless and I feel the constant push and pull to release them. It is my hope that I can share these ideas with you. To joyously transport you and transform you, if just for a moment. “For the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, and peace.”
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