Joan Michlin & Skip Ennis

Joan Michlin & Skip Ennis
Artist: Joan Michlin & Skip Ennis
Business: The Joan Michlin Collection
From: Sarasota, FL
Medium: Jewelry & Metalwork
Booth: 902-903
All designs shown are created by a husband-wife team working together since meeting in Art School in 1976. As artists, we strive to channel our experiences and interaction with our environment into our own iconography and jewelry. We express our fascination with light, energy, and powerful form by using nature’s finest elements to produce a collection of jewelry that sings with the same excitement we feel. Architecture, the Art Deco movement, nature in her myriad forms, and Flight are explored from the sketchbook page to finished wearable design. The Art Boxes pictured feature our jewelry designs which can be detached and worn, either to the gala or the office. Collectors may thus enjoy both the objet d’art and the wearable designs, Materials consist of sterling silver, 14K & 22K gold, diamonds, Boulder opals, and many different colored gemstones. Techniques include casting, construction, fabrication, and lapidary, in both none-of-a-kind and limited production designs.
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