John Chumack

John Chumack
Artist: John Chumack
Business: Galactic Images
From: Dayton, OH
Medium: Photography
Booth: 526
30 years ago I built my very first large homemade telescope & backyard observatory. I started photographing the night sky, shortly after that I started doing science work on comets for NASA and other science organizations and now NASA publishes my images regularly. My work has been featured on the Front Cover of “Time” magazine & National Geographic, Newsweek, Science, and Discover. My work has also been featured regularly in the Science Television program. PBS, BBC, History, Science & Discovery Channels. I also teach Aurora Borealis “Northern Lights” photo workshops/expeditions in Alaska and Iceland as well as a Milky Way photo workshop at Arches National Park in Moab, Utah each year.
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