Ryan Slattery

Ryan Slattery
Artist: Ryan Slattery
Business: Slattery's Creations
From: Cincinnati, OH
Medium: Sculpture
Booth: 811-812
Slattery’s Creations was established in 2003, by Ryan Slattery, Artist, and Sheet Metal Journeyman. Since then Ryan has expanded his work from stainless steel sculptures to include home furnishings, yard decor, and wall art. Nearly all the pieces he creates are made from found stainless steel, from local scrap yards. The pieces Ryan finds inspire the creation of the end product. Ryan enjoys creating mosaic art that emulates everyday objects, with a modern art twist. Each design is carefully crafted from thousands of pieces, often coming together in a serendipitous manner. These scrapyard designs are then fabricated, ground, polished and occasionally torched to create the incredible pieces you see here.
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