Best of Judges

WE ARE PROUD TO PRESENT OUR Best of judges panel


Dr. Jill Deupi is the Beaux Arts Director and Chief Curator of the Lowe Art Museum (University of Miami). Prior to assuming this position in 2014, Deupi was Director and Chief Curator of University Museums at Fairfield

Christopher Norwood

Originally from Newark, New Jersey, Norwood attended the prestigious Newark Boy Chorus School, a world-renowned professional boy choir founded in 1966 in conjunction with the New Jersey Symphony before becoming a 4-8th grade private school dedicated to the musical arts.

Thomas Fuchs

Art—in all of its infinite forms—is the catalyst for what Thomas Fuchs does. He’s a furniture designer, creator of stunning Venetian glass, an avid painter…and so much more. Art—is his passion. While training in fine arts at the Corcoran School of Art & Design,

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