Coconut Grove Arts Festival 60th

Thank you! See you next year | Feb 15-17, 2025

South Florida is renowned for its vibrant event scene. With its delightful weather and diverse cultural influences, the region proudly hosts some of the world’s most significant events and festivals. However, for individuals facing sensory challenges, such as those with autism, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, PTSD and more, large events characterized by crowds and noise can become overwhelming often leading them to leave prematurely.

The S3: Sensory Support Space initiative, funded by The Loud And Live Foundation and spearheaded by Commissioner Raquel Regalado, addresses the challenges faced by individuals with sensory sensitivities at large events.

This mobile station offers a therapeutic sensory respite, promoting inclusivity and positive experiences for all attendees. Equipped with features like adjustable lighting, sensory activities, and comfortable seating, the S3 ensures everyone can fully participate in event activities.

Loud And Live’s commitment to community outreach will introduce the S3 at 15 major events in 2024, making it accessible to over 500,000 attendees. To learn more about hosting the S3 at your event and promoting inclusivity, visit our social page.

About Loud And Live

Loud And Live, a live events, media, marketing, and entertainment company, fusing music, sports, lifestyle, and content development. Headquartered in Miami with a presence across the United States, Europe, and Latin America, Loud And Live is driven by its passion for creating compelling experiences for global audiences.

About The Loud And Live Foundation

Our mission is to make a positive change and leave an indelible impact on the local and national communities we serve. We are passionate and committed to leveraging our resources, influence and capabilities to support and foster meaningful & sustainable change across the communities we are deeply connected with. Through strategic partnerships, contributions and impactful initiatives, we aim to inspire, empower, and enrich lives, making a meaningful and lasting difference to those most in need across our communities.

About Commissioner Raquel Regalado

As Miami-Dade Commissioner of District 7, Raquel Regalado has always been driven by a commitment to public service and a sense of responsibility to be a voice for the voiceless. As a parent of two children in the autism spectrum, Commissioner Regalado was dissatisfied with public education options for children with disabilities and in 2010 ran for and was elected to the Miami-Dade County Public School Board. (place holder) In April 2023, established a County policy that the rainbow infinity sign shall be designated as the official symbol for Autism Acceptance Month, rather than the puzzle piece, in all communications issued by Miami-Dade County celebrating April as the Autism Acceptance Month.