Phyllis Minnery

Phyllis Minnery
Artist: Phyllis Minnery
Business: Minnery Treasures
From: Taylorsville, KY
Medium: Jewelry & Metalwork
Booth: 153
I have a deep appreciation and love for art. I appreciate the skill and imagination it takes to create something with your hands and I have a continuing desire to create. Over the years I have explored oil and acrylic painting on canvas, watercolors, sculpted in metal and clay, and even made lamps in stained glass. The need to learn and express myself in art is always present and searching for an outlet. I have taken college classes, attended adult education classes and workshops on any subject of which I have had an interest, all of them in art or craft. I began making Sterling jewelry a about ten years ago, it was really by circumstance. My husband was diagnosed with cancer and we were in a huge battle to regain his health. The Christmas holidays were only a few weeks away and I hadn’t done any shopping. I really had no time or desire to do it. But I really needed a distraction, something to busy my hands and mind. Many years ago when I first graduated from school, I made jewelry which I sold to boutiques. I decided to make all the females in the family Christmas gifts of jewelry. This rekindled an interested and I decided to take silver smithing classes. I immediately fell in love with the process of working with silver, and began building a bench. I am truly blessed, my husband regained his health, winning his battle with cancer and now he does lapidary and fabrication for our business. We now have a thriving jewelry studio and travel the eastern United States doing fine art fairs. The fabricated jewelry we create is driven by bold clean lines, using Sterling silver with precious and semi-precious stones. Art Jewelry with a distinctly modern but classic feel showcasing precious and semi-precious stones.
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